Game of Stranger Packaging Design

Touted as the ideal companion to any of Stranger & Stranger's liquor brands, the Game of Stranger is a game is all about lust and death. Esquisitely designed in a self-contained package, the design is displayed in gold metallic lettering on a black box, showcasing the title which follows the shape of an "S."


Game of Stranger Elegant Packaging Design

The outer box houses a smaller one with a small hole that allows the player to pull the game from the outer packaging, which is clever and engaging.

Game of Stranger Dark Packaging Design

The gameboard, dice, characters, and character holder have been placed in black foam, securely holding the pieces in place.

Game of Stranger Playful Packaging Design

When the player opens the board, they are treated to a highly visual illustrated gameboard, “lust” and “death” move books, and four distinct eyeballs to represent all players within the custom tin that holds all the pieces.

Game of Stranger Packaging Design

Stranger & Stranger has created successful products that “people just want to own” since their inception in 1994 -- and this game proves their attention to detail. 

Game of Stranger is a playful packaging design in the Entertainment industry.