Luz Victoria Elegant Packaging Design

Tea is soothing and blissful. Tea is ancient and futuristic. In fact, the ancient cultures have utilized tea for millennia, likely because it is also gentle and caring. It warms the soul.

Welcome to Luz Victoria, a Spanish tea brand with a packaging design created by Legion Brand. This packaging design portrays the brand with an elegant and feminine feel through a light color palette and delicate flowing fonts.

Four different colors, ranging from light green, light blue, yellow and peach, complete the product line. Each bottle has a matching glass color tint and cap.

Luz Victoria Clean Packaging Design

Etereo is the tea made with lemon and herbs. The tasteful illustration of cut lemons and herb vine faintly blend into the package labeling. “Etereo” has a flowing font that conveys peace.

Luz Victoria Caps Design

Different caps feature a darker outside circle that encloses the lighter color hue inside. The caps look ravishing, and the aesthetic makes them look collectible. This is a tea package design that reflects the intricate process of tea making. A process with genuine methods used over hundreds of years.

Luz Victoria Simple Packaging Design

Luz Victoria’s teas are produced in three categories: Can, Bottle and Capsule. The names of Ventura, Etereo, Abrego and Jubilo carry the scents of the each blend with sophistication and pride.

Luz Victoria Packaging Design

Legion created a packaging design that reflects the premium, cultured and meticulous processes of ancient tea making. This is a tea brand that rises above others through a sophisticated combination of flavor blends that suit any and all tastes of tea lovers worldwide.

From the light and heavenly color palette to the emotion-evoking flowing fonts, Legion takes Luz Victoria’s tea brand and delivers an elegant reverence wrapped in soothing femininity.

Luz Victoria is a simple packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.