Mathias Dahlgren Edition (slide 1)

Go to any retailer that sells kitchenware, and you will find dozens of luxury brands. So, how does chef Mathias Dahlgren differentiate his set of pots of and pans from the rest? Easy: simple, yet stunning packaging design.

Mathias Dahlgren Edition (slide 2)

Foodies know that Dahlgren has a unique personality. The minimalist design for the packaging of his kitchen set has a lot of charm, despite being comprised of only black, white, and gray. The typeface for the numbers is simple and clean, but it’s positioned playfully. This is in stark contrast to the other text on the packaging, which is clean and organized. Much like Dahlgren himself, the packaging takes its job seriously, but it also knows how to have fun.

Mathias Dahlgren Edition (slide 3)

Of course, packaging isn’t just about what’s on the outside. The instruction booklets continue the clean, fun design choices. The white leaflet opens up to reveal fun illustrations that add some personality to what is, otherwise, an incredibly plain part of the packaging.

The simple, smooth packaging design matches the allure of the cookware. The white, black, and gray coloring perfectly molds with the luxury stainless steel pots and pans. The simplicity of the package design presents a blank slate, inviting both aspiring and professional chefs to create their own vision in the kitchen.

Mathias Dahlgren Edition is a simple packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Manufacturing industries.