OMI Elegant Packaging Design

The best packaging designs make our lives easier. Easier to choose, easier to learn, and even easier to stay healthy.

Enter OMI.

OMI is a stylish reusable water bottle that has more than meets the eye. Healthy lifestyles require consistent water consumption. That is why OMI includes a hidden pill dispenser to simplify your life. Store your vitamins and supplements with your water bottle and take them with you on the go and in style.

With OMI, you will never forget to take your vitamins/supplements again. We all lead busy lives, and amazing designs take this into consideration. This is why we value convenience. Anything that can save us time, we will pay money for. Time is our most valuable asset. We do not get time back. Saving time is, therefore, paramount.

The Founder of OMI, Nadia Adechoubou, recalled her struggle with missing key essential supplements. Not because she did not care, but because they were not always within her reach. She discovered that 50 percent of fitness and health/wellness professionals forget to take their medication or supplements each day.

This was the genesis of OMI.

OMI Minimalistic Packaging Design

A cohesive theme permeates throughout each bottle in the line. The water bottle colors are metallic and look great. The use of minimalism is seen with the smooth surfaces and neglect of gaudy bumps and ridges.

Minimalism means less is more. We want to simplify the customer’s life, not complicate it. Minimalism gives designers the opportunity to achieve that goal.

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OMI Simple Package Design

The function is placed on full display here. With no effort, the pill dispenser slides out of the bottle. You would never know it was there because it blends into the rest of the design in a seamless fashion.

OMI Clean Packaging Design

The top cap of the OMI water bottle retains a slim design to maximize portability. The cap shows stellar color-contrasting between gray and white. Color-contrasting adds the visual appeal that makes a product stand out on store shelves. In packaging design, it is one of the keys shared amongst the best products in the world.

OMI Minimal Packaging Design

A view of the pill dispenser highlights the climax of design that marries form with function. The clear top lids look futuristic and retain the minimalistic theme. The key message is placed on display in this photo: Convenience.

The pill dispenser is small and has the perfect amount of storage to carry the necessary number of vitamins and supplements. The showcase of multi-colored supplements adds a beautiful splash of color to the photo.

OMI Packaging Design

Here we see the pill dispenser in Rose Gold. It looks ravishing. The edges are cambered and rounded out. This design is elegant and high class.

Whether designing a water bottle with a hidden compartment, or a plain old shoebox, it is vital that we keep in mind the pillar that makes all designs great: convenience.

We want to simplify customer lives. We want free up time so they can have less stress. The best way to do this is by making your design minimal. Minimalism provides a breath of fresh air and clears the mind from chaos -- exactly what OMI's fantastic package design does. 

OMI is a minimalistic packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry. 

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