Slow (slide 1)

Slow is a calming beverage, like an anti-energy drink. Its design is clean and simple, and it helps to further their brand identity simply through its appearance.

Slow (slide 2)

Each bottle of Slow is actually two containers of the beverage, held together at their caps. The design looks like an hourglass, which is obviously very fitting for the drink that encourages you to take your time and enjoy life. The hourglass design is very clean, and there isn’t much to see beyond the shape. The typography is simple, with each half using a different play on words using the brand name.

Slow (slide 3)

The brand’s manifesto is printed on their label, which is a clean text on a white background for people to read and enjoy as they pour out Slow to drink. The design is also functional, as well as attractive. The bottle sits nicely at the opening of a glass. It pours out slowly, so the consumer can take a moment to rest and relax before they drink it. The design doesn’t just make people see the brand; it makes them experience it.

Slow is an amazing packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.