The Handmade Christmas Company Elegant Logo Design

What do gingerbread houses, mistletoe, and candy canes have in common? All of them are indicative of the Christmas season. And, what is one of the biggest traditions involved with Christmas? The lovable Christmas stocking.

Who doesn’t love picking out that perfect stocking to hang over the fireplace or set under the tree for their loved ones?

The Handmade Christmas Company specializes in making both personalized and non-personalized Christmas stockings (or sacks as they call them in the U.K.), as well as a line of other fantastic Christmas items. With each sack specialized and created carefully, it’s only right for the packaging they come in to offer that same fine-tuned attention.

Beginning with a tastefully simple crest that resembles the antlers of reindeer, each packaging piece is designed around the logo of the Handmade Christmas Company. Nothing screams the holidays more than the sleek golden design against the maroon background.

The Handmade Christmas Company Elegant Packaging Design

Offering a wide variety of boxes and rolls, the Handmade Christmas Company’s famous sacks are carefully packaged in shades of red and gold. Each piece of twine is a delicate swirl of red and gold, while each red ribbon bears the name of the company in golden font to match the regal color scheme. It’s no doubt these colors were picked to evoke an emotion or memory associated with the holiday, as these colors are present everywhere during the wintertime. Each piece is designed with the golden crest as the highlight of the package, making the company logo intelligently stand out against the dark coloring.

The Handmade Christmas Company Packaging Design

Alternatively, a similar packaging set is available in subtler shades of deep greens. In place of gold, this color scheme incorporates silver to make it stand on its own against the alternative red packaging selection. Each piece of twine features spirals of evergreen and silver, while every evergreen ribbon is inlaid with the company’s name in silver. The combination of silver against dark greens is reminiscent of tinsel on Christmas trees.

The Handmade Christmas Company’s package design immediately evokes a sense of timeless Christmas spirit. From the classic color schemes of green and red to the vibrant accents of silver and gold, these products offer all of the emotion and wonder of Christmas wrapped up in a gift box.

The Handmade Christmas Company is an elegant packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail and Manufacturing industries.