Wood Brothers Vodka Complex Package Design

The process of distilling vodka has been tweaked by hundreds of brands across the world. Each brand separates themselves from competitors through package design and marketing that outlines what makes their process unique from all others.

Enter Wood Brothers Small Batch Vodka. The package design was created by Pencil Studio and succeeds with inspiring illustrations and elements of rose gold foiling.

The single batch vodka’s distilled by Wood Brothers originated from the English winter wheat, grown on their very own farm in a sprawling Oxfordshire countryside. The description alone sounds marvelous.

They have the distillery, intricate equipment and a complex process requiring a painstaking level of detail. Ed and Charlie Wood create each bottle with passion and care.

Wood Brothers Vodka Elegant Package Design

The intricate rose gold lines connect like a series of tubes and shapes that represent the distilling process. Loops of coils and pumps and illustrations of wheat connect to two shapes of the brothers themselves. A rose gold foil bottoms the bottle to complete a stunning illustrative journey of small batch vodka heaven.

Wood Brothers Vodka Sleek Package Design

The rose gold coloring reflects off the blue background in such a way that I imagine a thousand white doves being released into a bright blue sky with white clouds after years of shackled confinement. It is glorious. It gives our eyes the look that stimulates the retina’s thirst with quenching eye candy.

Wood Brothers Vodka Package Design

Pencil studio took the Wood Brothers Small Batch Vodka package design and positioned their brand to compete amongst giants via genius illustrations and a visual command of color that exceeds expectation and delivers in joyous imaginative glory.

Wood Brothers Vodka is a complex package design in the Food & Beverage industry.