Yachtsetter Simple Packaging Design

Yachtsetter is the Airbnb of yacht and cabin rentals. They offer three night weekend sailing and vacation tour parties on the beach. They also serve as a clothing line of beachwear and accessories. Anagrama created the packaging design for Yachtsetter.

Yachtsetter Clean Packaging Design

The goal of Anagrama was to communicate a brand idenity of elegance and fun.

They were inspired by nautircal language, regattas (boat races) the experience that Yachtsetter provides customers.

The logo itself was created because of the lands and formations that emerge from boat races.

Yachtsetter Beautiful Print Design

We see a wonderful combination of nautical colors. Deep and rich reds, dark midnight blues and pearly whites are found in boat competitions via maritime signal flags. Authenticity emanantes from these colors.

Yachtsetter Beautiful Packaging Design

Anagrama executed this packaging design with the grace, sophistication, and elegance that Yachtsetter represents.

The gold letters pop out from deep blue backgrounds and the formations in the logo and brochure packaging serve as a signal to brilliant brand authenticity.

Simplicity and authenticity create amazing package designs. The Yachtsetter now stands out from the crowd. Customers will remember this packaging for years to come because of its original and distinguished design.

The Yachtsetter brands itself as a dream vacation. The ultimate sailing experience. And the answer to all of your unfulfilled fantasies and dreams.

The packaging designs provides the hint of the experience to come.

Yachtsetter Clean Packaging Design

Three gold “Y” letters form a triangle symbolizing the formation of ships. This promotes brand recognition and is a fun trait for customers to admire.  A thank you note reflects the class of customers the services connects.

Yachtsetter Beautiful Logo Design

Race invitations are shaped as ship shields and stop signs. This gives the brand an invidualistic and personable feel. A gorgeous and elegant brochure enclosure is wrapped with classy red cord and finished with a sparkling gold enclosure clip.

Being on a yacht is an experience. Target customers are wealthy, older in age, and sophisticated. This packaging captures the exclusive high life that the yachting lifestyle provides.

Yachtsetter is a beautiful packaging design in the Travel industry.