Attido Bold Print Design

Attido, formerly known as Nordic Solutions, is a Finnish based consulting, development and optimisation company that focuses on the utilization of information systems in business. They approached independent design agency Bond to help update their brand for the international market. The objective of the new brand concept was to create a minimalistic yet powerful visual identity using their new name and uncompromising approach to uphold the brand promise “Until It’s Done.”

Attido Great Print Design

The stencil-cut and oversized typography is applied effectively across all of the print materials. The minimalistic and reductionist traits are accompanied by what can only be described as a focused, forward-moving approach — as conveyed through the arrow-like form the designs take. The use of Serif across the designs also add an aura of familiarity and professionalism that would have been badly missed.

When combined with the simple but striking black and yellow color palette, the typography does an excellent job of reinforcing the company's mantra of “Until It’s Done.” Attido wanted to be perceived as serious, confident and functional, and all of those themes come across in these designs.

Attido Print Design

Some of the psychological traits associated with yellow relate to communication, creativity, and analytical thinking — all of which are important in any consultative or business-orientated company. These observations are accompanied by the power and authority that the black definitely portrays in the case of these designs.

The heavy underlines only add to the strong character of the materials. Whilst, the clean-cut, sharp designs might seem a little aggressive to some, rather than simply distinctive, but that only adds to the personality of the designs.

These designs created by Bond are a prime example of what you can achieve without overcomplicating things. Two colors, a simple approach, and a clear direction has resulted in a design which perfectly resonates with an audience seeking a reliable, effective consulting service.

Attido is a bold print design in the Technology industry.