BC Burnings Great Print Design

BC Burnings specializes in craft clothing and home goods, so the branded materials must match that homemade feeling. Earth tones compliment all materials and communicate the brand's personality. These are further grounded with the slice of wood.


BC Burnings Great Logo Design

A transformative logo is a brand or mark that evolves or changes depending on a situation, while still keeping the overall look and feel. In this case, the logo mark itself transforms from a duck to a leaf, a mountain-scape, and a tree, depending on its usage. 


BC Burnings Clean Print Design

While the main icon of the duck and type treatment are ever-present across the business card, coasters, and candle design, the wording and icon change. By retaining similar treatments -- such as line thickness, font, and the spacing of elements -- users can easily recognize all products as a piece of the brand.

BC Burnings Print Design


The design across all these different mediums are all so well-aligned in execution that the brand looks very established, trustworthy, and complete.

BC Burnings is a great print design in the Hospitality industry.

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