COCA Identity Bold Print Design

The Centre of Contemporary Art needed a branding strategy across their brochures and billboards to show off the kind of unique art that they present. Together, Strategy Creative and Bathgate Design worked to create a comprehensive brand identity.

COCA Identity Minimal Print Design

The result is a contrasting campaign that shows off the colorful, fun art at COCA, as well as the more serious side of the centre. Bold, black text jumps off of colorful pages and billboards. The placement of the typography is exciting, and your eye jumps quickly from letter to letter. The billboard feels lively and intriguing.

COCA Identity Clean Print Design

For the black-and-white designs, the lettering is much more aligned. Instead of staggered text, the letters line up perfectly. On the cards, a glossy black stands out against a matte black, producing a luxurious design.

COCA Identity Print Design

The final result is a campaign that shows off both the fun and serious sides of COCA. It makes you feel as though COCA offers something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you enjoy bright, colorful, fun art or something more serious, COCA has everything.

COCA Identity is a bold print design in the Arts & Recreation industry.