Fat Cat Creamery Top Print Design

Fat Cat Creamery’s Retro Style Strikes A Nostalgic Chord In Consumers

Fat Cat Creamery is a Texas-based ice cream shop with a passion for sustainably sourced, wholesome ice cream. And they’re a brand that wears their personality on their sleeve.

Ice cream is our favorite food, and we couldn’t get any in Houston Heights. What’s a cat to do about that? Start an ice cream company, of course. We started by making it on evenings and weekends in a shared commercial kitchen, grinding away after our day jobs. Two and a half years after “jokingly” declaring we’d open an ice cream shop in our neighborhood, the kitty dream was realized and our little parlour opened. Nothing’s better than hearing our fans say our ice cream is the best they’ve ever had. Us cats know it’s about our amazing local ingredients, and because we create every batch of ice cream and every topping from scratch, right here in our parlour kitchen. Purr.

They’re a brand with a playful and iconic identity that has traveled the state over. And their feline persona is one that everyone can get excited about.

But it didn’t happen overnight, and they didn’t come up with it on their own. Branding studio Field Of Study helped the brand breathe life into its identity and products, giving it the power to grow the way it has.

The entire identity, from its website design to its menus, is cohesive and consistent. And there’s a reason for that. These print designs truly capture the essence of the brand itself and give consumers something fun and playful to interact with.

Fat Cat Creamery went with a vintage and retro vibe to bring the ice cream parlors of old into the 21st century. And they did this with playful imagery and an old-school color palette that embodies the 1950s.

Subdued blues, reds and creams make up the color palette in these prints — in the menus, the art on the walls and even the window decals. There’s a softness to the pastel colors that are inviting and peaceful.

And the way these colors complement each other is nostalgic — making you think of simpler times when you could sit back, relax and enjoy a cold ice cream cone with friends.

It’s a welcoming palette that instantly grabs attention thanks to the emotions it evokes. It’s powerful and ingenious, and the way these colors are seen throughout the brand — inside and out — is smart and authentic. This is a brand that knows what it’s doing and does so in style.

Going with a retro theme is a great way to engage with consumers on a personal level. And considering this brand sells ice cream, that’s exactly what they want — to be a local, neighborhood friend that can be relied on.

Fat Cat Creamery Retro Print Design

Fat Cat Creamery Incorporates Clever Iconography And Bold Typography To Add A Playful Edge To The Ice Cream Brand

In true retro fashion, these print designs use clever and creative iconography and imagery to make a statement and bring a playfulness to their brand.

Cute little ice cream cones, playful ice pops, geometric shapes and in-your-face typography stand out in this design, drawing eyes from each section of the menu to the art on the walls. These images and words are subtle, but they add a serene softness and a nostalgic playfulness that puts consumers at ease.

It’s not common to infuse imagery into menu designs — more often than not, brands choose to keep menus simple, minimal and clean. But here, the brand decided to fill these designs with the random liveliness that it promotes in its tone and overall identity.

But even with all of these clever geometric shapes and fun uses of font, there’s still a cleanliness to this design that is compelling and creative. The layout is organic but focused. And it fosters a tranquil and wistful experience for the consumer.

In print design, typography and imagery are important. They help to differentiate brands from the competition and shape their overall identity in the eye of the consumer. Print designs are a powerful tool that brands can leverage to leave a lasting impression — and you shouldn’t waste the opportunity they provide.

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Fat Cat Creamery Best Print Design

The Brand’s Mascot Stands As A Powerful And Relevant Thematic Element That Ties The Brand Together

This whole design is memorable and eye-catching, but the one element that truly ties everything together — from the name to the website to the products themselves — is the fat cat himself.

This content, purring and happy cat sits like a little fat symbol of joyfulness and enthusiasm.

In some instances, he’s sitting with his belly up, tongue out and eyes closed. In others, he’s curled up on a little ball sleeping peacefully on top of an ice cream cone.

This quirky design is created in an illustrated pattern, with the cat outlined in a swirly, flowing white. But in other instances, an actual image of a cat is used. The brand went with photography with their iconic color palette coloring overlaid on top. These sit as wall art, with the cat dreaming about ice cream. This showcases how print designers can blend photography, color, and whimsical elements to create visually striking designs.

It’s clever, fun and cool — and it brings the brand’s identity full circle.

A cat is an iconic image, and one everyone is happy to interact with. But this brand goes a step beyond, making everything cat related and having some fun with it.

These images are bold and in your face. They refuse to be ignored and don’t let you forget where the brand started and where it got its inspiration.

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Fat Cat Creamery Iconic Print Design

Fat Cat Creamery’s Branding Across All Mediums

Fat Cat’s stellar designs are embodied in each of its platforms and mediums — in their social media accounts, in their wall art, in their print designs and even on their websites.

It’s a cool, cat-focused and retro brand that brings with it a nostalgia that can’t be ignored.

It’s important for a brand to be successful to keep branding consistent. Studies show that consistent branding leads to higher visibility, which is vital for a brand to grow. And from the smiling cat imagery to the eye-catching color palette — this branding does remain consistent from start to finish.

And the results of Fat Cat Creamery’s branding efforts are obvious:

Our branding has helped Fat Cat Creamery’s retail parlour and products become a runaway success. Their identity is well recognized throughout the region, their treats are stocked at an ever-growing list of retailers, and the lines at their location are reliably out the door—rain or shine. For proof of the power of the brand, you need look no further than the shear number of customers—ice cream in hand—that pose for a picture in front of the giant Fat Cat mural or a delicious bit of typography.

And these branding tools are powerful. They are unique and iconic, making for a brand identity that is easily recognizable, instantly memorable and most importantly — fun. The persona of a purring cat is impossible to ignore — I mean, who can resist a cat that’s content and peaceful? Not many people.

And that’s the point.

Brands can learn a lot from this successful use of identity — it almost stands stronger than the products themselves!

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Fat Cat Creamery Bold Print Design

Fat Cat Creamery Harnesses The Power Of Nostalgia And Relevant Interests To Grab Attention

Fat Cat Creamery is a brand with a strong, unrelenting personality — and they have a playful mascot that they infuse into every aspect of its branding so consumers know exactly what they’re dealing with at every step of the way.

Branding experts usually leverage reminiscence to create a sense of familiarity and emotional connection with their target audience. To capitalize on the nostalgia that comes from old-school ice cream parlors, the brand went with a retro theme to emphasize a laid-back and cool vibe.

These colors are reminiscent of the good old days when you could just enjoy life as it came at you. And you could do so with an ice cream in hand.

The menus, wall art, and web design all incorporate these subdued, almost pastel colors to create a slightly dirtied, vintage persona. And it evokes strong emotions.

Similarly, the simple imagery is playful and fun, promoting happiness and a personality that consumers feel comfortable interacting with. Cute little ice cream cones and shapes add a fun and interactive vibe — further promoting the vintage feel while also adding a modern identity that promotes the ice cream and other exciting products.

But the real hero is the fat cat himself — the mascot, of sorts that embodies the brand and gives it a character that consumers can engage with.

Who doesn’t love cats? Exactly — which is why this image and this persona is a powerful one for the brand to leverage to its advantage.

Overall, branding from its menus to its online presence is consistent and unique — it gives the brand a retro look but is still individual and unique thanks to the cat that sits as the real star of the show.

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