Lost in the Ocean - posters 2017 Colorful Print Design

Lost In The Ocean’s Powerful Posters Use Art To Shed Light On The Powerful Influence Of The Ocean

Based on the fact that Earth is covered by oceans (and 70 percent of the planet is composed of water), this design was inspired by the rich colors of the ocean and its vibrant inhabitants. The brilliant use of colors and images of the deep ocean are an impactful feature of this experimental design.

These posters were created by graphic designer Ia Darakhvelidze to celebrate the ocean and all that live under the waves. It’s a powerful series full of moody colors, shapes and designs that really highlights the ethereal and wonderful nature of the deep blue sea.

The ocean is a vast place, and it is greatly under-discovered. There are still aquatic lifeforms that we’ve never even seen, fish that have never been documented and life that exists at the darkest and deepest depths that have never seen the light of day.

The ocean is a very mysterious, majestic and powerful place. And these posters celebrate this unknown world with creativity and sophistication.

There are exciting colors, mesmerizing shapes and an overall inexplicable feel to the mood that radiates from these images.

These prints really capture the personality of the ocean and all that is left unsaid and unknown. The ocean is elegant, fluid and graceful. And these posters do a fantastic job giving each lifeform and each animal its own personality within the larger ecosystem.

Lost In The Ocean Exciting Print Designs

Each Poster Gets Its Own Unique Oceanic Character To Tie The Series Together

These posters celebrate the ocean by taking the time to call out specific fish, animals and aquatic vegetation, giving each its own poster to star in. Even the main ingredient of the ocean — water — gets its own poster too.

This personifies these beings and makes them more real. It highlights them and cherishes them in a way that shows they are important and that they matter.

People often forget about the ocean — about the fact that there is actually more ocean than land, and that there are so many animals out there. And they also forget about the detrimental impacts we as a society have on this ecosystem. But this poster series puts the ocean and its wildlife on full display in a modern, abstract and intriguing way.

Each of these posters takes on a different color scheme, shape and image. Some are direct and straightforward — like the picture of a Beta Fish or photos of actual plant life. But others are more abstract, making them more conceptual than actual. To highlight the octopus, for example, the poster is made up of a number of curved and fluid swirls that just seem to sway in the waves.

But you know what these posters are representing and you can’t help but get pulled in.

It’s important to see artists giving a nod to elements like the ocean. It helps to raise awareness and bring the topic back into the mainstream conversation. Art has the power to spark political and social discourse, and these prints — though not created with a political message — have the ability to start a conversation that can lead to lasting change.

The ocean needs to be acknowledged and it needs to be protected. Just look at these animals and you’ll understand why.

Lost In The Ocean Bold Print Designs

Effervescent Colors Grab Attention And Reel Viewers In

The heart, passion and message behind these posters strike an emotional chord. They tell a story about the ocean and all that live within it. And they remind people of just how important these creatures are to our life as well.

But outside of the emotional appeal that radiates from these posters, its physical design is equally enchanting and exciting. And one element that really makes these posters jump into view is their abstract and enthusiastic coloring.

These prints really do pop — thanks to color gradients, fluid mixings and subtle transitions, there is an organic and elegant vibe that comes off of these prints. The colors here make a statement that hits home.

The use of colors here is phenomenal, using a mixture of light and dark with almost unrealistic hues that follow the visual mood of a deep ocean.

They don’t necessarily all tie in with the animals they represent, but that's also the point — to add a conceptual and abstract quality that heightens the artistic value of these posters while still rooting them in something tangible and real.

The colors here really resonate with viewers and make an impact. They grab your attention and get you interested, of course, but then there is an added emotional pull that makes you tilt your head and really think.

What are these posters trying to say? What are they trying to do? What do they want to accomplish?

The colors here are almost unorthodox. They almost don’t make sense. But that paradoxical use makes you think and ask questions — which keeps you even more interested and for much longer than maybe you initially intended.

Using color in art is influential. And here it shines.

Lost in the Ocean - posters 2017 Print Design

The Print Designs Use Strategic Shape & Space To Bring An Ethereal Essence Oceanic Creatures

Another clever element to this design is the use of shape and empty space. These designs are minimal. They are clean. They are modern and they are fresh. So that means that there is a creativity and an artistic liberty used that makes the abstract seem conventional.

You can see this in the clever images used to represent animals — like waves for octopus and geometric blocks for moss.

It’s almost like these prints are getting down into the molecular level of these creatures and using those images to represent them as a whole.

And it’s captivating, giving off a very mysterious and intriguing vibe that perfectly embodies the ethereal nature of the deep blue sea.

But there is also a clever use of empty space here that smooths the design as a whole and makes it more pleasing and easy to digest.

It’s empty and vast and all-encompassing. There is so much more below the surface of these images and words — something that is begging to be uncovered. And maybe the longer you stare at the emptiness, the more it will make sense.

That’s the same feeling you get when you stand on the edge of a boat and look down into the dark emptiness of the ocean.

Lost In The Ocean Modern Print Designs

Minimal Text Puts An Emphasis On The Real Stars Of These Posters

As we’ve said, there’s a minimalist aesthetic taking charge in this design. It’s a modern poster series that uses color, shape and empty space to bring ocean creatures to life and start conversations about the robust and tranquil, unknown elements of the ocean.

And another feature that drives home this aesthetic is the limited use of text — which at first seems confusing, but ultimately works for the overall concept.

Each poster gets a title that sits somewhere on the poster. There really is no rhyme or reason to it, but the bolded white font certainly stands out against the funky shapes and daring colors.

In some designs, the title of the series “Lost In The Ocean” is written in small, white font. In others, there is additional context in the form of numbers, words and phrases. For instance, the poster for octopus has the phrase “8 legs” on it to represent the eight legs of the aquatic animal.

But even then, there is still so much left unsaid. There is still such a mystery from the minimal nature of these phrases that cause you to question and think.

And that’s the power of a minimalist design. It gives you just enough to understand, but not enough to really know. It lets you use your own imagination.

And these imaginative prints really do give you the power to use your own brain and figure them out for yourself.

Lost In The Ocean Bright Print Designs

This Lost In The Ocean Series Brings Awareness To The Ocean In An Exciting And Spectacular Way

These posters really do help you get lost in the ocean yourself. With the use of abstract colors, intriguing shapes and innovative concept usage, these prints bring aquatic animals to life and put them front and center in enchanting and creative ways.

These prints bring awareness to the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. And it does so in such an artistic and ethereal way that you can’t help but become captivated in the minimalist content you’re interacting with.

These posters are simple but they are extremely effective, thought-provoking and powerful. And they are a shining example of how strong posters can be on viewers’ psyche.

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