Mikron Minimal Stationary Print Design

Mikron Uses Their Brand Identity To Showcase Technology

Mikron is a Russia-based manufacturing and technology company that produces semiconductors. Semiconductors essentially transmit electrons from one object to another, powering products such as phones and computers.

Most semiconductors are made of silicon, thus inspiring the name of tech area Silicon Valley in northern California. 

Mikron's Branding Brings Semiconductors To Life

Mikron's print designs are a mixture of minimal and bold, which brings balance to the overall brand identity. It's quite symbolic of the nature of the company. 

The company's professional stationary is mostly clean and minimal. However, the logo design in the upper lefthand corner retains the holographic effect and adds personality to an otherwise simple design. 

Meanwhile, the business cards are a simple black and white. A silver metallic logo design adorns the front of the business card and is surrounded by matte black negative space. 

The flip side is a stark black and white contrast, with small sans-serif font outlining contact information, surrounded by white space. 

Mikron Holographic Business Card Design

However, some business cards trade the black and metallic front with a purely iridescent design. This is the same color scheme found within the logo design.

Instead of complicating the bold hues with additional design elements, the name of the company is subtly imprinted into the front of the business card. The reverse side of the business card is the same black and white design.

Both business cards are eye-catching and incorporate trendy 2018 graphic design elements without overwhelming consumers with a gauche appearance. 

Mikron Semiconductors

Mikron's Branding Is Inspired By Its Product

The recurring color palette and shapes scattered throughout Mikron's branding is directly inspired by their product: Semiconductors. 

The shimmering iridescent colors signify the highly advanced technology. Despite extending across the entire rainbow, these colors still exude strong brand identity, particularly because of how they are placed within the design.

Each use of color includes a smooth gradient that incorporates the same hues. This use of color reinforces the brand identity -- signature colors can improve brand recognition by up to 80 percent.  

Meanwhile, a spherical-like shape creates a responsive logo design symbol. 

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Mikron Geometric Print Design

This symbol is found throughout various face sheets and business forms to further brand the collateral and support the visual identity.

The hues found throughout the semiconductors and branding give each design flexibility to transition and meet each design's individual needs without compromising efficiency or visibility of the business. In fact, even the responsive circular symbol transforms into unique secondary symbols that represent Mikron. 

Mikron Minimal Print Design Catalog

Mikron's Print Designs Balance Minimalism And Trendy Design Elements

Mikron's various print designs perfectly balance function and artistry to create a strong brand identity. The holographic elements and gradient colors that span the entire spectrum add modernity to an otherwise minimal design.

This allows Mikron to keep up visually with trendy Silicon Valley startups -- a convenient feat, considering that Mikron's bread and butter, the semiconductor, inspired the name of Silicon Valley itself. 

Meanwhile, a responsive logo design brands each design ensuring that everything is easily recognizable, whether or not it has Mikron's name splashed upon it in enticing metallics.

The circular design also creates pleasing symmetrical patterns that resemble the production and manufacturing of semiconductors while capitalizing on the 2018 trend of geometric patterns. 

Ultimately, these edgy design elements enable Mikron to appear professional yet innovative -- the hallmarks of a successful technology company. 

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