Misfit Playful Print Design

Misfit is a juice brand that is made up of mostly “ugly” fruits and vegetables, which would have otherwise been thrown away because they don’t look the part. Misfit is on a mission to change the perception of ugly fruits and vegetables by eliminating food waste and inspiring people to think differently about what they eat.

The design studio Gander, based in Brooklyn, New York, created the print design for Misfit in order to tell the brand’s story in a fun and approachable manner.

Misfit Fun Print Design

The print design feeds off of Misfit’s brand identity as being different than the others, yet conscious and promoting sustainable living.

The juices are packaged in glass bottles with black caps, and the printed stickers on them all have a unique look, depending on what flavor it is. The print design is colorful, fun, and engaging. Using minimal text, it educates the consumers about the brand. The print also contains graphics and illustrations of ugly fruits and vegetables used as ingredients in the juice, giving them a fun identity.

Misfit Print Design

The color palettes used are bright and fruity, evocative of the ingredients used in the juice. The colors all complement each other brilliantly, and provide a great contrast. The font is well-spaced and easy to read, and information is spaced out well, making for a visually appealing design. What makes Misfit’s print design stand out is how accurately it represents the brand’s persona of celebrating unique fruits and vegetables. Each flavor of juice has a different, eye-catching, and attractive color scheme and print design used, and when seen together, they all complement one another.

Overall, Misfit’s print design is a visual delight that manages to engage the audience and does not detract from the engaging and relevant content on it. The different colors, well-balanced spacing, and content hierarchy makes it a great print design.

Misfit is a playful print design in the Food & Beverage industry.