Quixel Minimalist Print Design

Quixel are creators of texturing tools that have been used by over 70,000 visual effects studios and game developers, to date. As such, they have greatly impacted how the industry creates content. We Are 1910 were tasked with redesigning their brand in 2014, which included the company identity, the applications brand, and the wider online presence.


Quixel Clean Print Design

The Quixel brand is shaped around a polygonal-styled "Q" built from triangles. The inspiration stems from the 3d-models used in thousands of virtual movie sets and game worlds that Quixel's tools help shape. Whilst being a relatively simplistic style, the Q-icon works well regardless of the size and circumstance. It does an excellent job of providing an easily recognizable signature for the company’s brand.


Quixel Geometric Print Design

The identity system created to represent the software does a good job of communicating a clear connection between with the company’s brand and its polygonal angles and shapes. An easily expandable icon system with a colorful and creative look ensures that Quixel’s knowledge and understanding of the latest high-tech tools and technologies are presented professionally.

The brand color palette consists of purely black and white, which naturally are opposites — both visually and through what they represent. However, in the case of Quixel, black and white are used to showcase how opposites can attract, with the black and white tones being used to create a sense of completeness, clarity, and strength. 

Quixel Print Design

The black and white are also used in conjunction with the software icon branding colors to create a “pop” factor that would be lost without the subtle background. With each application in the software package receiving its own color, the message is incredibly clear and powerful.

Aside from the already mentioned Q-shaped logo, the fonts used for the printed designs are relatively neutral, with San Serif being used for the paragraphs and main text. Weightings are cleverly used to powerful effect on the business cards, for example, but overall the designs let the already discussed colors palette do most of the talking.

Quixel is a minimalist print design in the Technology industry.