The Yachtsetter Cool Print Design

The Yatchsetter is a service that provides yacht and cabin rentals, offering three-night weekend sailing and partying vacation tours on the beach. They also offer a clothing line of bathing suits, shirts, and other accessories. Anagrama was set the challenge of creating a brand for Yachtsetter that explores the combination of elegance and fun.

Naturally, given the industry that Yachsetter is in, they required the brand to find its inspiration from nautical language and regattas. The end goal was to position The Yachtsetter as an exclusive service that delivers not only entertainment but comfort and security to its customers.

The Yachtsetter Beautiful Print Design

One of the main elements found within the brand was inspired by signaling communication representative of ships. Additionally, you’ll notice shapes that reflect the shields, medals, and flags that are used in regattas. The logo also draws inspiration from regattas by playing on the formations and landscapes that many customers will resonate with.

With the actual print design in mind, it’s no surprise that the brand’s color palette stems from the contrast found in the colors that are present during boat shows, competitions, and maritime events.

The Yachtsetter Print Design

Dark navy, red, gold, and white are a very powerful combination, and the materials do a great job of showcasing the best of each color in the right way. The dark navy is a classic maritime color, one associated with naval forces and ships throughout the world. Thus, there are close ties between the authority, stability, and trust associated with the shade, and the professions it is regularly used in.

The gold and red accompany the navy throughout. For example, on the envelopes, the gold edging adds a classy finishing touch, and on the report holder the red binding literally, and metaphorically, ties everything together nicely.

The Yachtsetter is a cool print design in the Luxury and Travel industries.