Easy Ride Vidéos ZAPPING 2010

Easy Ride Videos is an audiovisual production company based in Brittany, Saint-Malo, France. Aerial views, drone shots, slow motion and underwater shots are just a few of the film techniques Easy Ride Videos utilizes when creating content for clients.

The video begins in black and white, with ominous music as the soundtrack for the first title sequence. It then transitions into colored imagery with a blurred effect, while the band Ratatat’s upbeat song "Nostrand" plays in the background. As the pictures transition to a clear hue, the volume ascends. The beat of the music runs parallel with the timelapse images shown throughout the video.

The timelapse and slow motion techniques stand out as audiences watch the tide rise and fall on the beach. They’ll notice, for example, a kite surfer as he rides the wind into the sky and back down to the water below in slow motion. These techniques are etched into a viewer’s memory; they also have a dull effect that simultaneously brings out the intensity of the colors of the sunsets and sunrises while muting the tones of the water and other elements in certain frames. This effect contrasts well with the natural light shots (and those in black and white).

As a montage of various sports including skateboarding and windsurfing, as well as shots of high tide overflowing onto land and marine mammals in their natural habitat, the video blends all of the elements of watersports and beach life well. The music defines the subject matter well, and the visuals show off Easy Ride Videos’ film techniques and attention to detail. From shots just on the water’s surface to aerial views of the vast beach landscapes used for sport, the video is both mesmerizing and action packed.

Easy Ride Videos is a gorgeous commercial video.

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