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Hansgrohe is a German developer of kitchen and bathroom appliances, such as faucets and shower heads. This forty second video displays a variety of the features included in a single Hansgrohe shower head.

The video is simple, as there is no narration and very little text. The background music is an electronic pulse beat that drives the flow of the video. The opening shot establishes a cupped hand in front of a blue-gray background. The Hansgrohe logo, a sans serif bold font in white over a teal banner appears on screen with the words “Experience Hansgrohe Showers” below, these are in a similar font, but regular typeface rather than bold.

Water begins to pour over the cupped hand, and text displays the shower head setting with the setting name displayed in bold. The video is shot in super slow motion, so each individual droplet of water is visible as it splashes to the cupped hand and falls through the bottom of the screen. The video goes through three settings in the short time allotted, each in slow motion displaying the beautiful effect of a Hansgrohe shower head. The camera transitions from setting to setting with a white fade, and always introduces each setting with the same typeface styles. Each setting name is naturalistic, such as Air and Rain, and the water’s pattern reflects this nomenclature; for example, the Rain feature looks like concentrated raindrops, and the Air feature swirls around like a whirlwind.

The video ends with a fade to white, and the Hansgrohe banner logo appears in center screen as white text on teal. The US website is displayed below, as well as seven small circles with social media links underneath.

The beautiful display of water in this video will make anyone who loves showering interested in taking a look at Hansgrohe products, and since the video doesn’t show what the products look like, the viewer will be all the more curious to look them up.

Hansgrohe is a stunning demo video.