How to Understand Your Cat Behavior Better | Cat Interaction

Standout Features:

  • Educational and entertaining
  • Moving pictures
  • Restricted animation

If you want to befriend your troublemaking furry roommate, take a couple of minutes to find out how to speak “Catonese”. How to Understand Your Cat Behavior Better is an educational and fun animated video design, created by Animation Builders.

In it, there are lots of static illustrations moving left and right on the screen as the narrator’s voice elaborates on the visual storytelling and teaches us how these creatures communicate with us.

The video frequently changes background colors and settings, and we can differentiate two styles of artwork in it. The people and various items follow a more deliberate, stable style, whereas the cats are presented in a funny, quirky art style that will make you giggle!

The animation is restricted to smaller segments, portraying blinking or hand movements on a static model. It’s also used to deliver bold typography that cements the lesson learned.

Get a chance to become the next Design Award winner.