LNL Systems

The introduction of e-commerce has significantly impacted how customers shop in brick and mortar stores. Now more than ever, business owners must present a powerful and savvy workforce in order to drive sales and make customers feel that they can come back for future purchases.

The video opens with a brick and mortar store, heavily filtered beneath a simple palette of green and purple pastels, which are the colors of the LNL Systems logo and products. The LNL product is all about making sure that employees are in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. To illustrate this, the video shows rows of male and female silhouettes similar to those found on bathroom stalls to depict employees, and then shot after shot of the LNL products are displayed—cameras, beacons, phone apps, and radios.

Graphs are used throughout the video to provide an undertone of growth. Several shots depict animated bar graphs rising to show increase. Pie graphs are included on phone and tablet screens.

The video is narrated with a professional female voice, and onscreen text follows closely what the narration says. The text is white and written in all caps; the font is a modern sans serif, and switches from bold to regular on the same screen to give variety. A soft, electronic rhythm is steady in the background throughout. The key message of the video is that LNL Systems will enhance a business and make a sales force much more efficient.

Objects such as shoes, dresses, and accessories are used to depict a clothing store. The shoes are all the same style, size, and color (pastel green) as well as the dresses and accessories. The uniformity of the set pieces provides a succinct feel to the video, and while it might not be realistic, it does give the viewer a sense of security, knowing that if they used LNL, their products could be as organized and pristine.

The video wraps up with the same brick and mortar store from the beginning of the video, the same color filter over top. The LNL logo comes on screen, and the background image fades to white, leaving the logo to stand out.

LNL Systems is an elegant demo video.