M&S Christmas TV Ad 2017 | Paddington & The Christmas Visitor #LoveTheBear

Marks and Spencer’s 2017 Christmas TV Ad has all the humor and fun to deliver a true tale of Christmas Spirit.

Paddington & The Christmas Visitor features the iconic Paddington Bear as he dreams of Santa gifting him a delectable jar of marmalade. There is one problem: sirens below reveal a burglar on Paddington’s roof.

Paddington wakes up to the noise outside and believes it is Santa on the roof. He urges to help “Santa” deliver the spilled bag of Christmas presents.

After making numerous Christmas deliveries, Paddington even takes a bite of cookies left out for the real Santa. The best is yet to come as he insists on taking a sleigh on the roof, only for the pair to fall off and land it perfectly on a truck below to continue their journey.

Paddington tells the impostor Santa to remain quiet as they peer into the window of a little girl opening a present. She is thrilled. The present was a customer and she exclaims with joy: “I am super Alice!”

The mother embraces the daughter with a heartwarming hug of joy. As the impostor Santa takes in the moment, a grin emerges from the corner of his cheeks, and his eyes water.

Paddington reaches into his bag and says “I almost forgot”, before handing the fake Santa a handmade sandwich, “Merry Christmas Mr. Clause.”

The two share a warming hug as the duo is featured on the news, with loads of reporters storming Paddington’s residence.

Marks and Spencer’s Ad delivers a true tale of Christmas spirit. It is fun, heartwarming, and accompanied by a #LoveTheBear campaign that captures the joy of the holidays in ways in which only Paddington can deliver.

The holidays are about being together. No matter how different we may be, whether one is a bear or a burglar, we can always find common ground through the spirit of Christmas.

Paddington & The Christmas Visitor is a sweet commercial video.

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