Playing Lynch: Official trailer to Psychogenic Fugue

Playing Lynch is a collaborative website between filmmaker David Lynch and Squarespace. The goal of this collaboration is to raise funds for the David Lynch Foundation.

Upon loading the website, visitors are greeted with text that tilts and responds with piano key notes as you run your cursor. Click and the purpose of the website is explained. Then, you are given the option to choose a variety of short videos to watch.

Each video is very David Lynch. If you have seen his films you know exactly what that means. Weird, art films are what David Lynch is known for. These short videos feature his strange characters talking directly to the camera. Some of them are weird, some are downright creepy and unsettling. The close up of the characters faces and the depth of field that makes the background look out of focus makes it feel like you’re having a conversation with the character. While watching, you feel involved in the video.

It’s not often a short video can make someone feel the kinds of feelings that these videos elicit. Their close up nature combined with the strange writing of David Lynch makes these videos an experience unlike anything else you can watch online.