Video Production Atlanta | The DVI Group | Reel 2012

The DVI Group is a video production company which specializes in creating branding videos, demo videos, and animated videos for companies looking to heighten their brand presence on the web. This video is a compilation reel of their work.

The video opens with motion designed banners which portray the DVI group motto: “make it better.” The video quickly transitions to the reel, which is a one and a half minute compilation of clips ranging from one to five seconds, each showing a different project produced by DVI. The projects range from live action to animation, and often include both in the same clip.

Each video clip has been shot with precision—good lighting, good camera work, good use of color in every shot. As it’s a reel of different projects, there’s no consistent color palette or theme in the video. Each shot is well framed, though, which demonstrates that the individual projects had good themes and color palettes in their own right.

There is no narration, and what little text comes on screen after the introduction is isolated to each film. Some fonts are bold, some regular, and most are sans serif. The music in the background is from Two Door Cinema Club, called “Something Good Can Work,” which is an apt choice for a project reel of a company whose motto is “make it better.”

The video shows a total of twenty three different projects, ranging everywhere from cooking demonstrations to animated videos for Walmart. After the last project is displayed, the background fades to white and the DVI Group name comes on screen with the motto underneath. The DVI name is in all lowercase letters, with a round, modern, sans serif font in white.

Businesses on the lookout for a catchy or powerful video will want to take a look at the impressive portfolio of the DVI group. No matter the project, it seems that they have the capability to put together any type of video for any type of company within a very short time period.

The DVI Group - Reel 2012 is a great compilation video.