10 Best Marketing & Promotional Videos That Convert Viewers to Customers in 60 Seconds or Less

10 Best Marketing & Promotional Videos That Convert Viewers to Customers in 60 Seconds or Less
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: January 27, 2023

From ads to movie trailers and from humor to complex issues, high-quality short videos can convey any idea into a powerful visual message.

And while there’s no perfect formula to secure its success, the greatest marketing and promotional videos always manage to communicate the brand’s identity or an initiative’s message. Each video aims to apply to a particular demographic or target audience, usually reflected in the style, narration and background music.

This article lists the best and most promising marketing and promotional videos that helped deepen the bond between the public and the brand.

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1. CoinDogg Marketing Video by Yans Media

Standout Features:

  • Cool animations
  • Modern
  • A pastel color palette

CoinDogg is a digital rewards platform that revolves around the bond between creators and their supporters. Yans Media created a beautiful 1-minute-long marketing video that elaborates on the NFT platform (check out the best NFT marketplaces here) and its revolutionizing decentralized reward ecosystem.

The video provides a visual story portrayed through cool animations depicting a make-up artist and their grateful fan. The pastel color palette used for the video helps build a friendly environment, perfectly representing the key message.

The video explains that, unlike most modern streaming platforms where the platform as a third party reaps the benefits of content creators, CoinDogg enables these creators to collect donations from supporters. And in return, the fans get a rare digital item they can either keep or trade and earn from it.


Standout Features:

  • Educational
  • A combination of photos and graphic design elements
  • Visual storytelling

DOE PLASTICS is one of the latest comprehensive programs aiming to accelerate innovations that tackle the reduced plastic waste issue. The US government collaborated with FEVR to develop a short promotional video for this campaign.

The video eloquently combines real-life photos with many graphic design elements, piquing the target audience's interest by depicting a severe issue through an authentic medium. The video shows a standard family environment and everyday items, highlighting the plastics to remind us how often we rely on them.

After building awareness, the video addresses the other side of the plastics coin – disposal problems. The visual storytelling maintains a positive tone by explaining that there's hope for solving this dire issue. It invites the viewer to get on board with the initiative's ultimate goal: to create a continuous life-cycle for plastics that will eventually end its waste (learn more about eco-marketing strategies here).

3. Tutor Perini by Highline Studios

Standout Features:

  • Blue-collar hard work and dedication
  • Numbers speak
  • Showcasing successful construction projects

Tutor Perini Corporation is one of the leading general contractors in America, with headquarters in Sylmar, California. Highline Studios is behind the video creation that encapsulates the main elements behind its success.

This is not a narrated video. Instead, it lets the visuals do the talking. The video interchanges between frames highlighting the work-in-progress sites with blue-collar employees working hard and the finished state-of-the-art construction projects in their full shine. The viewer goes through a series of successful construction projects throughout the video.

The bottom left corner of the video denotes the project name through shifting content boxes. Below is also information on the project costs. These images and data help build trust between the interested parties and Tutor Perini, indicating the future success of many more significant projects.

4. Harvey Distilling - Peach Ginger by BrainWorks Marketing

Standout Features:

  • Exciting and energetic
  • ‘Peachy’ ingredient highlight
  • Short and direct

Harvey Distilling is a Canadian east coast distillery that alleviates the market through exciting product placement and marketing. In line with this, BrainWorks Marketing created a brief, fun promotional video for their Peach Ginger.

This video revolves around two things: the brand and the star ingredient. Without wasting any time, it captures the viewer's attention immediately through a close-up of a liquid-covered fresh peach. Then, through a series of fast-paced frameshifts, the ad shows the liquid and fruit 'dancing' in harmony to form this delicious cocktail eventually.

This short, sweet, engaging video ends by showcasing the brand logo on a white background. The bird from the logo flies away shortly after, maintaining the established non-stop motion pace from start to finish.

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5. BV Inks x Big Baby Films by THE BIG BABY VENTURES

Standout Features:

  • A day in the studio
  • Artistic and clean
  • Depicts the whole lifestyle

BV Inks is a tattoo studio based in New Jersey. The studio collaborated with Big Baby Films to create a fantastic marketing video by enabling the agency to capture the ink and the soul of the studio and the people behind it.

The video shows a day in the tattoo artist's life from the get-go. The first frame shows the outside view of the studio, followed by a man leaving his car and entering the premises. Immediately, we see work-in-progress, depicting some amazing sketches and an ongoing leg tattoo. The pen's vibration sometimes dominates the background tune as it decorates the client's skin.

We see an array of colors and a clean, artistic environment with several tattoos taking place at any given moment. What differentiates this video from similar ones is its branding – it shows us that tattoos are not this crew's job but a lifestyle the artist indulges in themselves.

6. Barrio's Dona by The Lead Wolf

Standout Features:

  • Black-and-white past
  • Revolutionizing the market
  • New, colorful times

Barrio's Dona is a donut shop. But it's not your typical donut shop. It sprinkles Mexican culture all over its American donuts to produce one-of-a-kind donuts. The Lead Wolf ensured that this unique brand identity (improve your brand identity with this article) didn't go unseen in their marketing video for Barrio's Dona.

The video starts with a black-and-white, old-school way of getting donuts. We see a man with a mustache with a huge bin full of donuts balanced on his head, resembling a giant sombrero. He's driving his bicycle on the street, stopping to serve a single donut to a lady on the sidewalk. The view is accompanied by a presumably Mexican uplifting tune.

A young lady on a rollerblade, carrying Barrio's Dona donut box, enters the frame as he drives away. Then, the video switches to a full-colored view with a modern song. The video ends with them enjoying donuts together in one of Barrio's Dona donut shops, enjoying the new ways of old habits.

7. zLight by Milenium5

Standout Features:

  • Funny
  • Product-focused
  • Showing how it works

ZLight is a revolutionary start-up project that owes its name and idea to Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg. Milenium5 produced this great funny ad for the product.

The video doesn’t take itself too seriously. The narrator, also a representative of the target audience (young moms), talks about the product’s origins and features. She explains that this product was inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s idea to help his wife get some long-overdue peaceful sleep.

As she narrates, the video shows a couple of relatable situations portrayed through short, humorous scenes. Apart from the problem, the video reveals the solution by showing how the product works wonders in solving the common sleep-time problem familiar to everyone, especially new mothers.

8. Strada Coffee Shop Brand Story Video by 7 Hills Productions

Standout Features:

  • Lively, joyful atmosphere
  • Different coffee-making methods
  • Delicious food

Strada is a downtown LA coffee shop with a sense of community. That community can be seen in an impressive promotional video directed by 7 Hills Productions.

The video sets the scene by showing a casual street view of the coffee shop with everyday city noises in the background. The following frame gets you inside the premises, where a classy 30s tune sets the tone for the lively atmosphere contrary to the mundane one outside.

This place transcends the regular coffee shops. The video portrays the medium of coffee-making, food and people, all equally important elements in the grand scheme that showcases the community and its atmosphere.

The brewing and eating shots are accompanied by enhanced audio effects that prompt viewers to join the party and improve their day.

9. JTWO.tv: A Video Production Company

Standout Features:

  • Multiple genres
  • Natural and personal
  • Shows beauty through perspective

JTWO is a full-service video production company based in Philadelphia and Chicago. This self-made promotional video lets the viewer know every detail in life, from nature to cutting a baguette and can tell an amazing story through fantastic frame positioning.

The video takes drastically different short scenes from documentaries, corporate videos, sports shows, ads, family life and others, then ties them together in a chaotic yet masterful order. Across the two-second showing time, each scene manages to arouse interest and intrigue, piquing the viewer to learn more about it.

The video is decorated with a powerful violin tune that adds a natural stream to the chaotic frame positions. The storytelling element is unique as there are also some recurring storylines, so we get the feeling of a freshly-bought puzzle set – the pieces are there, prompting us to see the whole picture.

10. The Triminator Hybrid by Your Story Agency

Standout Features:

  • Extreme close-up product shots
  • Enticing product demo
  • Concise yet comprehensive narration

How do you convince consumers that your product is the best at what it does? Here’s how: make a promotional video like Your Story Agency showcased The Triminator Hybrid.

The video delivered a unique proposition, highlighted the product’s quality and showed the device in action. All in just a minute and a half!

The extreme close-up shots of The Triminator is the real selling point of this video. From the smooth, complex build to the buttons, each part of the device had its moment under the spotlight. And boy, did it shine bright.

But the promo even took it up a notch, firing up the device and showing how it works. The spinning gears, sharp blades and quick maneuvers are enough to convince the audience of The Triminator’s true power.

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