WCG is an organization where creatives and thinkers come together to bring their ideas to life. In a technological world that is in an ever-increasing demand for new designs, products, and lifestyles, WCG offers an envious workspace for those in the field.

There is no narration in the video; however, onscreen text provides the story behind the visuals. The creators of the video utilized two stylized typefaces: one, a modern sans serif in both white and black throughout, and the other an italicized serif font in both white and orange throughout. The two typefaces are often paired together on screen to provide a contrasting aesthetic. The background music is upbeat and drives the speed of the film.

The tone set at the start of the video is that WCG is a workspace for creativity. This is shown through visuals of artists drawing on tablets, creating illustrations that jump off the page and onto the screen in animated swirls of color. The set itself is very conducive to creativity, with designer furniture and deliberately placed wall hangings.

The thinkers in the office are characterized by numbers, charts, stats, and figures, while the creatives in the office are characterized by designs, artwork, and color. These two characterizations are shown complimenting each other, working together toward a common goal.

This togetherness is followed up with a design that takes life on the screen. Starting on a simple piece of paper, a gray tree-like design swirls to life, and then jumps off the page and onto the screen, where it sprouts onto a bus outdoors, a colorful decal on a previously white vehicle.

After speeding through idea after idea, showing clips of notes and blueprints that have been recurring throughout the video, the scene takes a step back to the office where it all started, and to close the video, the WCG logo comes on screen, a sans serif font with gradient ambient light.

Creatives and thinkers alike will find this video fascinating, and will want to give WCG their attention. As a place to build ideas with like-minded and skilled individuals, WCG is a destination job for anyone wanting to bring their ideas to life.

WCG is a great commercial video.