Welcome to Instinct Animations!

Standout features: 

  • Charming SaaS animation
  • Dream-like imagery
  • Informative narration

Instinct Animations helps ventures of all sizes build deeper, more immediate connections with their target audience through the imagination of standout animation and world-class storytelling.

Drawing from their rich experience, the studio knows that customers across industries are just about exhausted by stuffy, dry corporate content. Specializing in animated content, Instinct Animations showcases how SaaS-style illustrations, that continuously flood the market in the past decade, can get translated into an entirely original, imaginative, and ultimately, powerful video.

How come?

Instinct Animations demonstrates how storytelling can skyrocket any type of video content. Paired with delightful, buttery-smooth animation, it is so engaging that the average viewer can mistake it for an episode of "Adventure Time," rather than a brand video.

Who said that B2B content has to be dull? Instinct Animations proves that average takes you nowhere. You simply need that "pixie dust" to "fly," whether you're an individual or a growing business.

Get a chance to become the next Design Award winner.