Appico Minimal Homepage

Appico’s incredibly curated site foregrounds their portfolio to the point that the entire flow of the site seems to be built around exploring it. Appico is an agency that creates powerful digital pieces for their clients, and their site is no exception. The designer chose to immediately thrust visitors into the depths of their portfolio.

As soon as you open their page you’re brought to a slowly rotating panel of Appico’s most recent and most prestigious products. This is a great example of how web design needs to build off and satisfy the expectations and intentions of its visitors.

The designer knows why you’re here, they know that most of the traffic their website garners will be prospective clients looking to make a decision. So why waste time? The designer shows visitors exactly what they came to see as soon as they arrive. This subtle decision in webpage flow helps Appico put their best foot forward.

Appico Minimal Website Design

This page is demonstrative of how Appico uses their portfolio to sell themselves. While you’d normally attempt to navigate your way to some semblance of an “About” page, you instead find all of your inquiries answered in the content of Appico’s portfolio.

Take this page for example. Here, Appico has seemingly created a portfolio page for one of their previous projects. However, the page is more than that, the heading “A blend of fashion and technology” isn’t just in reference to the project at hand but Appico at large.

They’re stating their company values and providing evidence of their allegiance to these values within the guise of a portfolio. Appico is using this specific project to let prospective clients know that they’ll harness the latest advances in technology, without also sacrificing style. This is how the spine of Appico’s site is constructed; they let the work speak for itself, and for the company.

Appico Minimal Website Design

Still they don’t let the format of the site slip into complacency. A stunning graphic menu is available to open on the side, to assist in the navigation process. This brings just enough UI and dynamic motion to the otherwise scroll dominated site. This is a very subtle way of cultivating a more complete user experience, by allowing access and navigation to be garnered in more than one way. That being said, it’s important to note the content of the menu.

Again rather than your typical about, contact, or home tabs appearing at the top of the menu, it’s the various projects in their portfolio that are given navigational primacy. This indicates once again that Appico is building a site and experience around the content of their portfolio.

Appico is a minimal website design in the Advertising industry.