Aurelien Vigne Elegant Homepage

Breaking beyond the mold can be the difference between excellence and mediocrity. For Canada-based digital designer and developer, Aurelien Vigne, a unique and unexpected style has enabled him to go beyond and work with prominent photographers, advertising companies, and marketing agencies in a competitive creative field. His personal site page expresses an adventurous artistic soul able to see past cliché approaches to craft something entirely innovative and original.

The site welcomes users with a colorful, graduated background and a classy white font theme. The scheme moves from red to fuschia, to purple to blue diagonally across the page and is speckled with moving flecks of gray like stars in a vibrant universe. A nearly opaque image of Vigne in a spotted shirt floats dimly behind the flecks, creating depth and drawing out artistic curiosity. As users move the mouse, the slightly smiling face seems to respond to the user and create a more personal introduction. The design is paradoxical—professional and yet a bit playful.

Aurelien Vigne Elegant Website Design

Users can scroll down the page to see case studies or click red menu and text links in the upper right header to view more about the designer and his contact information. The case studies move to an entirely white background with fonts and page features pulling out the reds, purples, and blues from the home page for design continuity. Shifting gray numbers in the upper right help users navigate between case studies, and each thumbnail image is overlaid with a deep blue film to echo the colors of the site. Bold red text headings with lighter blue descriptions provide users with a short snapshot of each case study as they scroll to find one of interest.

The site design relies on simple details to create excellence and user interaction. On the left of the page, a menu navigation changes letters before ultimately spelling out the title of each project, and on the right, links to view the case move and are crossed out as users hover. Photos use the same interactive effect as the image on home page to create movement and active introduction as users explore.

Aurelien Vigne Elegant Portfolio

Clicking into any project brings up familiar dark, yet colorful, backgrounds with moving flecks and red and white fonts. Users can scroll through immersive content that describes each project down to the details, including typography used, dates of creation, color pallets, site design strategies, and site models for desktops, ipads, iphones, and other platforms where the site may be viewed. The design is sensitive to details and to the broader effect for the user experience. The slightly playful theme is carried through the site, as users are prompted to search for a hidden page where they can play an interactive game on the site. The design is original and interesting, immersing the user into a unique experience where they can more thoroughly engage the artist and explore his works before ordering their own digital developments.

Aurelien Vigne is an elegant website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.