Australian Ballet Beautiful Homepage

Ballet is an expressive adaptation of art through movement that shows an intimate connection between mind, body, and music.

The Australian Ballet has taken that same concept and weaved it into their phenomenal web design. Most of the site is on a white backdrop which allows the images, videos, and photographs to pop off the page.

The high-quality images are subject-driven, with minimal content to help strengthen the UX and UI interface. All of the website's pages include the basic menu banner at the top. The banner has simple call to action buttons that makes navigating the site a cinch.

Australian Ballet Beautiful About Page

The about page's design is an opportunity for the user to engage with a person's profile page. Although each one is different, the design uses the same concepts across the board.

A good example of the about page's use of UI interface is the artistic director's profile page. It uses a deep scroll interface where users can read content about David McAllister-Am's career. They can also watch an embedded video that invites the user to get a glimpse of the day-to-day operations of his job.

Australian Ballet Beautiful Website Design

On the top right corner of every page is a hamburger menu. The menu is worth mentioning because it has a mind of its own. Regardless of the screen, it slides out from the right side of the page.

What’s interesting is that the menu box is a two panel split. The left panel is a vivid image of a dancer and a basic list of performances, whereas the right panel is a basic outline of the site map. Although the box has minimal content, it's still an effective tool for UX and UI interface.

Australian Ballet Beautiful Website Design

The product page gets an honorable mention for its organized 3X3 gallery, bold colors, and use of visual symmetry. Its use of a black, gray, and white color scheme changes the focal point to photo gallery.

The Australian Ballet uses their website to bring the expressionist world of dance to the digital age. Just like a ballerina, the design is visually breathtaking, inviting, expressive, and imaginative.

Australian Ballet is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.