Bang-olufsen Clean Website Design

Long, thin notes from a stringed instrument drone mystically in the empty space. A black surface appears as small, white words center on the page: “You want to turn your sound on for this.” Create is a digital site intended to spark inspiration within inventive minds from all over the world. As a subset of the sound technology parent company, Bang & Olufsen, Create uses this platform to share ideas and collaborate on all kinds of projects.

Sound is central to Create’s core mission, and it’s featured notably in the effects and interactivity of this interface. The site uses a dark color scheme with various shades of black to create faint accents. Bold white and shadowy gray fonts appear across pages.

Colors, fonts, and icons are minimalistic, using simple visual cues to greet the eye and direct most of the sensory input to the ear. The font choice is particularly striking – a bold Avenir font is one of those free trending fonts that look modern and simple, yet still makes a big statement!

Bang-olufsen Clean Website Design

As users scroll, three interactive lines employ responsive tones to draw the user into the experience. Stretching in long, vertical lines from the top of the screen to the bottom and divided by small black dots, these three lines each play a different sound when users scroll over them. Large letters linking to different pages fill with colors—blue, red, green, yellow—when users hover. Text boxes with descriptive content pop up as the mouse moves. Adjusting the length of the colored line by dragging it from one dot to the next changes the pitch, and a new set of sounds emerges. Scrolling back and forth across the lines gives users a playful, custom auditory experience.

Bang-olufsen Clean Product Page

Clicking on any of the headings takes users to portfolio or informational pages that shift slightly in color and design schemes, while preserving many of the central visual components. By clicking a heading that appears on the main site page, the text zooms in and becomes part of the background color and shape of the page. Backgrounds shift from black to white, accented with the colors from the home page, and photos of portfolio, project, and informational materials have active zoom effects.

The site maintains a design that draws users into a curious and creative experience. When users hover over menu, volume, or navigation icons in the corners of pages, a rippling clicking sound adds to the ambiance and carries auditory themes. Text and site schematics remain small and minimal to keep all the focus on an intriguing experience with sound technology.

Bang-olufsen is a clean website design in the Technology industry.