Biola University Beautiful Homepage

Welcome to Biola University, where the line between living and learning is blurred. The university specializes in helping you find who you are really supposed to be.

As you come to the university’s website, Biola University builds a sleek introduction. An eye-catching display creates the words “all as one” in electrifying red and white with a unique font. It gives an immediate air of curiosity as the wording fades into an impressive video. Turn your volume up and fall into a collection of clips that shows off students in the campus environment, making the most out of their experience at Biola University. The choice debuts the university in a highly relatable way that lets you create a personal connection to how life on campus could affect you.

Once the video has your blood pumping and has built your excitement for the school, make the most out of Biola University’s home page to complete your introduction. The use of colors creates an exciting air as you scroll, building pale backdrops that help you tell one section from another as well as accenting the student life photographs used. It’s a brilliant and creative way to breathe life into the home page for a fun, playful introduction.

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Biola University Beautiful Website Design

Dive into student life at Biola University with the help of their multifaceted page. Everything you could possibly want to know about university life is easily found through this page. Simplicity gives way to visual assistance as the website compiles small amounts of well-organized information across a long page. Visual cues become highly important in assisting your journey down the page.

Vibrant red introduces you to the concept of student life as a frame to go around a white text box and two sharp photographs. It’s a lively, off center display that draws your gaze through each piece individually. As you move down the page, bold headers become the foundation for segmenting the areas of student life. Each area is complemented with its own amount of wide negative space. It creates an easy, visual separation on the page for you as you scroll.

Biola University creates a visually impressive website that focuses on immersing users through creative and well-defined photographs. Colored accents make for a wonderful addition in guiding users throughout each aspect of the website.

Biola University is a beautiful website design in the Education industry.

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