Camelbak Great Homepage

Camelbak is a sports utility and outdoors company that creates a very unique collection of hydration packs. Their product is a durable plastic bag that you fill with water and strap to your back, so as to stay easily hydrated on the go.

The brand of the company captures the rugged durability of the product, as well as its ingenious function and engineering. This home page evokes the idea of unbridled use and sustained durability by presenting an extreme hypothetical of when a Camelbak might be in use.

This image depicts a motocross driving wicking up dirt and barreling through a steep turn with no care for trepidation or second-guessing. This creates the idea of an imaginary rugged consumer that users will aspire to themselves become. This is an example of designers need to inspire users with their design, motivating them to become the type of person that uses a company’s product.

Camelbak Great Product Page

This shopping window continues to enforce the rugged and aspirational appeal of the site. Again users are provided with an image of an active and tough person riding through the wilderness with a Camelbak.

However, now they’re also presented with a catalog of Camelbak products that can make this image, a reality for any user willing to make a purchase. It’s call and response, question and answer. Users are given an image to aspire to and a solution to achieve this aspiration. The designer clearly has a firm grasp on consumer psychology and has informed the site's design and flow accordingly.

Camelbak Great Website Design

From the shop, users can select a variety of products, and visit their respective individual pages to learn more and make a purchase. The page provides a visual of the product, several customization options, and a couple text blurbs that provide more detailed information about the product.

This is a comprehensive final pitch that is intended to give users that last little push to making a purchase. The designer has once again demonstrated their mastery of sales with this page that most fully realizes the flow of the site. From aspiration to selection to solution; this designer has formatted the site to completely flow toward sales.

Camelbak is a top website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Sports & Leisure industries.