Clif Bar Stunning Homepage

The Clif Bar and Company home page is a landing page for the entire Clif Bar product line.

With their full screen photography and purposeful copy, it’s clear that Clif Bar wants to cultivate a strong brand image.

Landing on the home page, the user is greeted by a full screen campaign video of people biking through all terrains. They wear the Clif Bar logo, implying that they are able to bike because of eating Clif Bars. A transparent navigation bar appears at the top of the screen, while sticky navigation allows ease of access to other parts of the web page.

Text overlaying the video reads “I’d Like To____” infusing the web page and brand with a purposeful nature. A drop-down menu allows the user to choose from options that complete the sentence.

Once they’ve made their selection, the screen drops down to a section that displays customized product recommendations, adding a dynamic, user responsive feature that allows the utility of the brand to be clearly demonstrated.

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Clif Bar Stunning Website Design

Three images at the bottom of the screen serve as gateways to Clif Bar’s product lines. The landing page for the Luna Bar reflects its target audience, women, with feminine design elements.

A deep scroll format with parallax effects creates a user friendly and visually stimulating page. The main crux of the marketing campaign is centered around social justice themes, suggesting that this page may also be speaking to millennials.

The design that appears behind the main copy lends style by adding texture. A slider central to the page draws the attention of the user with a bright cobalt blue color. One side of the slider promotes Luna Bar’s Instagram page. This web page may seem like it’s geared towards social impact, but they still can’t avoid a little self-promotion.

While the Clif Bar home page cultivates a sense of adventuring through the great outdoors, the Luna Bar is focused on women and social change. By utilizing the same typeface and design elements, like a deep scroll layout, Clif Bar is able to cultivate strong brand identity across their diverse product line.

Clif Bar is a stunning website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.

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