Coffee & Chocolate Milk Immersive Homepage

Coffee and Chocolate milk is a full digital web series that tells a consistent narrative and maintains a cohesive world across a variety of digital content platforms. Whether it’s a video, blog, or comic, this site provides a bevy of content that hinges on the characters you see in the image above.

On the home page we see a kitchen set in which three vinyl doll characters appear to be making a meal. These are the characters that exist throughout every piece of content the site creates.

When users pass their mouse over one of the characters, they canclick, watch a brief animation, and see a text bubble pop up that introduces and explains the character.

The designer has created an immersive and interactive way for users to discover the site, immediately meeting the characters and having a bit of fun watching them respond to their mouse. This sets the proper mood and expectation for the rest of the site which will continue to showcase these now familiar characters in a variety of situations and digital forms.

Coffee & Chocolate Milk Immersive Website Design

This blog page serves as a jumping off point into the other categories of content throughout the site, while also providing a stream of content all its own.

At the top of the page you’ll see a horizontal menu from which users can discover a variety of other content. Whether it’s photos, videos, or comics users can seamlessly navigate to every categorical corner of the site with ease.

Additionally, the blog itself serves as a constant stream into the lives of the character and keeps audiences engaged with the universe even after they leave the site.

The designer of this site has effectively formatted the site's content to be accessible from other categories of content. This keeps users locked into the narrative world and ensures that they can easily see whatever it is they came here to see.

Coffee & Chocolate Milk Immersive Gallery Design

This is the photography section of the site, where users can scroll through and see their beloved characters in a variety of scenes and situations. Each image is clickable, expanding into a larger and more detailed view.

Additionally, they’re easily shareable and allow users to self-represent by the content and brand of the company. This helps to expand the reach of the site’s content while also further bonding users to the content they love so much. This designer has formatted a socially dedicated section of the site, allowing the content to spread and effect as many people as possible.

Coffe & Chocolate Milk is a immersive website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.