Cropp Creative Homepage

Clothing and art design company Cropp has created a stunning website that is unique and experimental. The web design is colorful, fresh, and hip, giving it a mix of nostalgia and modernism. Its original animations are easily identifiable with the company’s brand.

Cropp Creative Website Design

The home page’s animated background is a dark, textured design that draws focus to the illustrations on the page. Its original artwork uses intricate colors and styles to pull the ambiance of the page together. As users scroll down, they’ll notice several parallax-inspired designs that manipulate a two-dimensional space.

Cropp Creative Product Page

Cropp’s product page uses two different gallery perspectives. Users can scroll down the home page to see the products placed against the site’s original artwork, or they can access the official product page. Here, Cropp uses a 2x2 gallery-style format to display their products on models, which enhances the UX interface by personalizing the product.

Cropp Creative Product Page

On the left-hand side of each page, a vertical menu uses illustrations to navigate the website. Each image represents the company’s artists and gives users the choice to view their designs and products.

Cropp Clean Login Page

The login page is minimal, using a translucent, black-and-white image to draw attention to the form box. Each call to action button is easy to follow, encouraging users to interact with the website. At the top of the page, a black menu bar allows users to continue navigating the site. Although it's noticeable, it isn’t invasive, keeping the focal point on the form in the center of the page.

Cropp’s astounding website is the embodiment of creative design. Its original illustrations, effective use of animation, and parallax concepts are stellar examples of UI and UX applications. It’s an imaginative concept, one that will leave their competitors scratching their heads.

Cropp is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.