Crowd Colorful Homepage

Crowd is an agency dedicated to reaching and growing a brand’s audience as much as possible. They believe that the best way to market a company is to promote continual change and rebranding so as to reach as many crowds as possible. Their services overhaul a brand’s community engagement, outreach, and management through radical branding change, and their web design reflects this initiative.

For example, the home page features a body of text that directly addresses this endeavor. It prefaces with highly dynamic typography how Crowd utilizes radical change to transform a brand’s community outreach. However, the truly powerful centerpiece of this page is actually a complementary mechanic that transitions this page to the next one. When users click on the arrow to the lower right, the home page transforms into a more engaging version of the same information, rather than actually carrying them off to a new location.

Crowd Colorful Website Design

This is the version of the home page users see once they’ve clicked the arrow. The background pops into an all-consuming orange, and the textual headings grow and bend into a more dynamic font. This incredible animation brings the whole page to life and uncovers more detailed information about Crowd’s values and process. This animation is emblematic of the power of change and creates a self-proving UX that demonstrates the worth of change.

Crowd Clean Portfolio Page

Crowd’s portfolio page adopts its unique interface and design scheme, which is discernibly different from any other section of the site. This is an example of how aesthetic separation can be as valuable to a user experience as aesthetic unity. Visually notating different spaces with unique aesthetics can provide its own kind of engagement as users scroll through varietal realms that all synergize to reflect the power of change.

Crowd is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.