Dog Breed Cartoon Great Homepage

Dogs have always filled the spaces in our lives as friends and companions, and now one company is taking that love for all things canine into the digital sphere. Similar to the technological vision behind Bitmoji, Dog Breed Cartoon is an online site that transforms photos of people’s beloved pets into cartoon versions for digital sharing.

This shopping site for hundreds of dog cartoon options combines playful themes and delightful images to attract its users. A slightly opaque, fullscreen video fills the backdrop on the home page, while users are instantly introduced to several versions of dog breed cartoons that drop into the bottom of the page under user options. Minimal text and the use of icons emphasize rounded, bright-pink fonts and a download button for easy user interaction. The scheme highlights the irresistible cartoon samples, and it immediately draws users to the product.

Dog Breed Cartoon Great About Page

Behind every good human is a great pet. Most pages throughout the site exhibit pictures of real dogs to demonstrate the inspiration behind these cute cartoons. The company logo sits in the upper left corner and provides a simple tool to link back to the home page. Social media options fill a column on the far right-hand side. Using this simple layout to balance informational text, visual interest, and user interactivity, DBC’s site is user-friendly and maintains a minimalistic approach to its structure and color themes.

Canine lovers can click a menu on the left side of the screen to reveal a set of options for exploring personal accounts, the newsletter, contact info, the blog, and digital shopping information. The navigation page continues the playful scheme, and it overlays a transparent, pink background over photo content to make user menu options seem clearer. The photos change with each mouse movement, displaying new pictures of dogs and their people.

Dog Breed Cartoon Great Website Design

When users are ready to shop for their own personalized cartoon, they can access a product page that displays various dog breeds. Creating continuity with the rest of this site, the page borders are lined in pink and black, and they rotate between similar colors for fonts and text fillers. A light shading fills in the space behind each cartoon canine to distinguish them on the page for users.

Hovering over any option allows users to add that cartoon to their online shopping cart, and lines of pink fill in borders and title headings in response to user interaction. The UX is simple and fun, with prices and breed names clearly marked under each cartoon image. By accessing a search bar on the top of the page, users can find their own breeds. Alternatively, they can scroll through options by cartoon style, color, or special editions.

Selecting any dog cartoon leads users to a page where they can customize the animation to make them similar to their own dogs. Here, they can also view pricing, quantity, copyright, and digital file details for easy use. Pinterest and other social media options are available for users to instantly share their new purchases with other dog owners. Through simple colors and minimalistic design styles, this site effortlessly attracts users to an adorable product sure to warm the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

Dog Breed Cartoon is a great website design in the Technology industry.