ESL Global Bright Homepage

ESL Global is an organization committed to providing English language education to countries around the world. Their site functions as a means to recruit new teachers, gather donations, and rally general support for their cause. ESL Global’s website is specifically designed to reinforce a language and the human imprint on words.

The background of their home page features a series of what appear to be crudely drawn, handcrafted letters. This creates a mental image of language as the utmost human expression. The design is hardwired to marry a visual element of language with the rough authenticity of humanity. The point is, it doesn't matter if your language is perfect or if you're a master linguist. All that matters is that you express yourself, and you help others do the same.

ESL Global Bright Website Design

The next page continues the same design scheme seen as the home page, only now the designer introduces a surplus of relevant information about the company. Users are now given a visual cue to the human value of language, accompanied by a series of text that expresses this idea very literally. By pairing the literal with the expressive, the designer has formatted a page that fires to its evocative end on all cylinders. The designer is a master of full thematic synergy, and they have created a page that, in form and content, reflects the values of ESL Global.

ESL Global Bright Testimonials Page

The final page features testimonials from people associated with the organization. Again, it features the same UI and illustrated design scheme, but now it also gives a genuine human voice to the content of the page. This is the fullest realization of the theme—language’s humanity—as it actually provides a humanity to the language of the page. The designer has truly created a site that enables a full exploration of the organization’s values.

ESL Global is a colorful website design in the Education industries.