Felipe Castro Colorful Website Design

Felipe Castro is a Colombian web designer that not only designs but also does front end development. As a web designer and front-end developer myself, I think having both abilities is a plus, considering that we are attentive enough to make the font end code pixel perfect, but also technical enough to know, when designing, what can and cannot be easily done.

This seems to be the case of this designer's portfolio, that consists in a very basic homepage with a nice vertical slider presenting his latest and best work. As you scroll, you can see in the left hand navigation which project you are looking at. When looking at the horizontally divided screen, you'll see a photo on the left and just enough information on the right. The nice little effect when the title comes in adds to an otherwise very simple approach. The menu is also very creative, creating a sort of preloader effect before opening and then expanding and going full screen.

Most of the effects are kept on the mobile version of the website, which gives this designer some well deserved extra points.

Felipe Castro is a colorful website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.