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Quite Franklyn is a creative take on the phrase “quite frankly,” which means “honestly, candidly, to be truthful.” From the moment you hit the landing page, you’re introduced to a number of projects the company has worked on in the form of a slider. The slider can be manipulated with the use of the circle icons in the bottom center of the images.

The Brooklyn-based studio is kept busy and keeps potential customers up-to-date on their latest project by making it a part of their landing page. Scrolling down from the slider, you’ll find a number of “latest projects updates” laid out in a masonry grid format, surrounded by a pale gray colored negative space. Each update is labeled by a muted colored date that is left-aligned underneath each image.

Franklyn Beautiful Product Page

Focusing on showcasing their work alone, Quite Franklyn utilizes a dynamic combination of charcoal gray, neon green and white to make the words stand out, but the pictures take precedence over everything else. The sans-serif font is used to briefly describe the project they took on and what the outcome was before launching into a number of crisp images enlarged to fit the entire screen. The large formatting of the images forces it into the eyes of the viewer to showcase the project.

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Franklyn Beautiful About Page

There’s nothing like taking the chance to have some fun when looking through a company’s website and Quite Franklyn understands that. Head over to their Studio page to find out more about the company and find yourself in for a fun surprise as well.

Scroll to the area where you can learn about each one of the team members, and dive into a scratch-off game sure to make you giggle. With realistically-drawn images of each staff member, you’re able to see who works for Quite Franklyn, but you’ll also find yourself in for a surprise.

Move your cursor over any of the illustrations and let the fun begin! Keep scratching at an illustration with your cursor to uncover a silly portrait of that person. Whether it's an '80s dude with a mullet or the woman who wants to be a cat, you’re sure to have fun discovering their inner personalities.

Taking creativity to the next level, Quite Franklyn combines quirky animations with clean formatting for a fresh take on their site. The use of flat colors against a plain backdrop makes every aspect of the page pop.

Franklyn is a beautiful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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