Grovemade Clean Homepage

Grovemade is a team of 20 dedicated to designing and crafting wood, leather, and metal products at our workshop in Portland, Oregon. They design & manufacturing firm crafting exceptional accessories for the home, office, EDC, and Apple products in Portland, OR. 

Full-screen, deep-scrolling, and grid-structured, the three popular formulas in web design are found here. However, the web designer has waved his magic wand, turned these common treatments into a beautiful e-commerce site. On the “Homepage,” there are several shopping accesses, the unmissable call-to-actions could take users to the shop all landing page, to featured collections, or featured products. These access points are purposely placed on top and bottom; in between is a looping video and the team introduction. I especially love how the “Team” section look. The photographs have an artistic flavor and a slight retro vibe. It’s unique in the identical shooting setting, the funny hover effect of each person, and the expandable detail of each. Altogether, it represents the strong brand personality and the humanity, showing us that people matter most in this company.

Grovemade Clean Product Page

On the navigation, “Shop” provides a dropdown mega menu for the easy access when the mouse hovers. The same filters are shown directly on “Show” landing page, which enhances the user experience. The interface has a minimal style -- the simple grayish box-like background helps each product shine. 

Grovemade Clean Gallery Design

On the product detail page, depending on the characteristics of the product, the presentation is varied. For example, the “Belt” product has an illustrated looping animation to demonstrate how it works, whereas the “Mouse Pad” product has layered imagery and a short looped video. The “Speaker” features the reviews from the mass media, the design story and the quote from the designer. Besides the individual design approach, the universally beautiful product image gallery is a big engagement incentive. Moreover, the bottom “Shop The Collection” certainly could generate more user engagement.

Grovemade Clean Website Design

It’s clear to see Grovemade pours their hearts out in the section “Journey,” which serves as the blog of the company. Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses have to engage with customers and ultimately make their business better. On this page, Grovemade tells the brand's story, and offers more insight into the company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. They tell their customers why they’re in business and how their products can improve life quality. Grovemade surely knows that the blog is the heart of all of the content marketing efforts and uses it well.

Grovemade is a top website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Manufacturing and Technology industries.