Hello Giggles Colorful Homepage

HelloGiggles is a web community and news aggregate that focuses on providing relevant content to young women. The thing that sets HelloGiggles’ website apart is its varietal content, formatting, and general focus on providing comprehensive information to its female audience. Their home page is indicative of the general flow of the site and the broad aesthetic, as well. It immediately presents the current, top news story, reporting on a recent fashion statement made by Rihanna, as well as a bit of commentary about the implications of the piece.

The UI has been formatted and stylized to reflect a kind of alternative femininity, with its pink color scheme and playful use of shape. Between the very specific, modern femininity of the UI and the particular style and perspective of the content, the designer has created a page that properly establishes HelloGiggles’ unique perspective on what it means to be a woman.

Hello Giggles Clean News Page

HelloGiggles’ news page demonstrates the large format of the site. Material is organized into several streams of content, each themed around a certain idea that is important to women or associated with femininity. Interestingly enough, though, is the fact that this particular strain is about finance and the professional world. HelloGiggles doesn't want to just reinforce the stereotypical associations of womanhood; they also want to help advance the equality and diversity of what it means to be a woman. This stream helps to serve the very specific brand initiatives of the company.

Hello Giggles Colorful Website Design

That being said, a style and fashion blog string like this do still exist throughout the site. HelloGiggles wants to be a truly inclusive and comprehensive women's issues site. They want to provide content that reaches every voice and identity within womanhood. What it means to be a woman is diverse and personal, and by formatting the site into deliberate categories like this, the designer is communicating the company’s appreciation of this fact.

Hello Giggles is a colorful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.