Hiroshi Fujiwara x Loro Piana Website Design

Standout features:

  • Accessible layout for easy browsing
  • Great product focus
  • Chill color profile

For fashion designers, collaborating with a vast brand means a lot. So, when Hiroshi Fujiwara had a chance to work with the elite Italian fashion house Loro Piana, he wanted a fashion website that accentuates his collections with the same prestige that Loro Piana has.

This fashion website designed by Bitmama Reply has successfully highlighted both Fujiwara’s creative vision and Loro Piana’s age of glamour into one fashion website that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Even though this is a collaboration, no one gets overpowered by another. There is a beautiful balance between the two designers.

The color choices are also great because they lend a warm and soothing tone to the website's overall look. It makes buyers feel like they are trying on the coats and jackets themselves.

Also, the sections are easily identifiable, allowing buyers to access what they want quickly.

All in all, this fashion website design has successfully provided an aesthetic treat for shoppers and visitors.

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