Insurify Illustrated Homepage

Insurify is a site that aids users through the car insurance purchasing process. It focuses on ease of use and intelligent features that allow users to compare car insurance quotes and find the option most suited for their needs. This home page is designed to initiate the process simply and specifically.

Aesthetically, the page is incredibly open. The centerpiece of the site is a form for users to enter their zip code and click the orange button below. This immediately initiates the insurance search process in a way that’s specific to each user. Quotes are limited to the provided zip code, so no time or energy is wasted with irrelevant information.

What's more, the bright orange button says, “Start saving now!” This very simple and easily overlooked phrase helps to create a seemingly more personal experience. It tells users that they aren't just going through a standard skeleton of a process. Rather, from here on out the car insurance shopping experience will be tailored specifically to them. By minimizing aesthetics andmaximizing personal function, the designer has initiated an experience that is simple and smart—just what Insurify endeavors to be.

From here, users descend into this page which encourages them to further customize their quote profile. However, note that this page doesn't include a dense and highly textual forum, but rather a simply organized list of icons. This iconographic UI further reinforces the sense of simplicity present across the site. It also reiterates the comprehensive and intelligent nature of their services by further tailoring the shopping experience to each user. Users simply click on the icons for which their answers are yes and ignore the ones for which their answers are no. The car insurance process couldn't get simpler than that while still providing the most specific quotes possible. This is an excellent example of how designers can still provide powerful tools, but in a way that doesn't overwhelmed users or overcomplicate the process.

Insurify Clean Page Design

This final page is the last stop before users can see their list of quotes. Note the three dots toward the top of the page. Users are shown that they are only three steps away from finishing. All they have left to do is enter the year and model of their car and a little information about their covered drivers. Again, the information is presented in an easy-to-read format, but it is a format that is different from the previous page. This reformatting keeps the experience from growing stale and losing the interest of users, while still maintaining that critical simplicity. The designer understands how to maintain a compelling experience while still simplifying it as much as possible.

Insurify is a illustrated website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.