Kvell Colorful About Page

Kvell is a home furniture company born from the desire to make contemporary and functional design attainable to everyone. Their belief is that your home should make you proud whether enjoyed alone or with friends. What’s more, they maintain that meaningful design is not only how something looks but how you connect with it in everyday living.

Kvell Elegant Product Page

With that in mind, it’s not hard to see where a significant amount of inspiration for this website came from. Upon landing on the homepage, you’re greeting with a string of animations that bring up the striking, bold and very clean logo. They use their homepage as a ‘lookbook’ and it is the heart of the website, allowing you to browse through their product ranges by navigating across their animated menu.

The product pages themselves use a floating effect as you scroll through the product details and imagery. At first, it almost seems like an optical illusion, but it adds an element of design that you wouldn’t normally expect to see on what is fundamentally a retail website. The clean-cut design ensures that the focus is kept on the actual products themselves, and you’re not distracted by too much copy or unnecessary design elements.

Kvell Colorful Product Page

The color palette is predominantly black and white, but a range of colors are used as backgrounds for the hero headers on the home and product pages. It adds some color where it’s needed but it doesn’t detract from the colors and texture of the products themselves. WHat’s more, as Kvell are design specialists it’s fair to say that they’ve appropriately assigned colors that work well together with one another.

The font used on the copy of the website is fairly typical Serif style, and the Kvell logo/headings are a strongly contrasting bold, large San Serif font. This distinct contrast between headings and copy is quite creative and powerful.


Kvell Elegant Homepage

The mobile version of the website manages to retain all the best bits from the desktop site in terms of animation, color, spacing and overall UX. Both versions of the site are in general a fun experience and make browsing for furniture much more entertaining than you’d expect.

Overall, this is a well-designed website that not only functions nicely but is also incredibly interactive. The effects and animations are used well throughout the site, and the colors, fonts, and imagery all work together in compelling fashion.

Kvell is a colorful website design in the Architecture, Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.