La Liga - Nike Ball Hub Fun Homepage

Straight black and white design, letting the heroes' colors shine through: the Nike balls. As the official ball supplier to La Liga (Spanish first division football champnionship), the Nike balls are more than honored on this website, complete with beautiful bright photography, which enabled the designer to create great interaction with the textual content.

Either using the hero slider or the timeline below, you can see what specific type of ball was used in the past years (click on the ball image to know more). You also get to know which football team won that year's championship (I guess Spain is all about FC Barcelona and Real Madrid FC).

Small details like active link effects or horizontal rulers use bright gradients, but because they are indeed little elements, it doesn't overshine the photography, but give the website design a little extra fun.

La Liga - Nike Ball Hub Colorful Website Design

The product detail pages let you know more about each type of ball, like why it is a good ball (colors that attract the players' eyes, arched panels and hand-sewn seams that make for optimal aerodynamic flight).

This time around, though, the screen is full of colors, not only because we get to see larger photos with product detail but also beause of the backgrounds. 

Scroll through and you have nice infographic/statistics/fait divers about the performance of the ball.

La Liga - Nike Ball Hub is a colorful website design in the Sports & Leisure industry.