Leen Heyne Amazing Homepage

Since 2009 Leen has been working from his atelier in Tilburg in the Netherlands. The pre-eminent feature of Leen Heyne’s hand-crafted pieces is their striking elegance and clarity. Many of his rings and bangles are fabricated from nothing more than a single strip of gold or silver featuring one or several twists. The flowing, dynamic progression of these “folds” and the silky matte sheen of the metal evoke the gentle drape and texture of real silk.

To feature the pureness of Leen’s jewelry collection, this website has the goal set front and center. Hence, simplicity becomes the common language, with high-quality product shoots on full-screen layering-grayish-shapes background, paired with modern and minimal treatment for elements and fonts, the essence of the products is well-captured. The distinguished visual presentation is fresh and personal.

Leen Heyne Amazing Website Design

Actually, the connection among the jewelry products, the brand logo, and this digital presentation of the collections is noticeable. The logo is a monogram and ambigram representing the initials of Leen Heyne. It also shows the philosophy of how Leen crafts his jewelry, by bending and twisting shapes in a single form. The twisting concept transforms to the web is the layering, sometimes crisscrossing background effect on “Homepage” and “Collection”. Visually, they form a harmonious melody.

Leen Heyne is an amazing website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.