Lois Jeans Spring Summer 2015 Clean Homepage

Lois Jeans SS15 is a digital lookbook for men and women's fashion. The site is purely visual, and requires users to contact the company via email to make a purchase.  

The navigation menu appears appear when the user hovers at the top of the page; otherwise, it remains hidden until the user scrolls past the first image. Only after scrolling does the hamburger menu appear and stay visible. There are four sections on the homepage made up of the four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth; however, the connection between the elements and the clothing line is not made clear.

Lois Jeans Spring Summer 2015 Colorful Landing Page

The campaigns landing page displays each section of the collection, designated further by their own unique color combinations. As the user hovers over jeanswear, a menu slides up to give the user an option to view either the gallery or the collection. 

Clicking on the gallery takes users to a lookbook gallery, which has a horizontal scroll feature that allows users to scroll, click, and drag to access the page. The gallery features two models who showcase the entire product line atop a unique, painted brushstroke/grungy paint splatter background. A black script-like typeface is shown on each panel, and describes the campaign. However, this is slightly difficult to read.

Users can use the back button to return to tha langing page, or view the collection on a landing page within the jeanswear section. This part of the website shows a grid of jeans in an array of colors. While the layout is nice, it's disappointing to be unable to complete a purchase on the same page. 

Lois Jeans Spring Summer 2015 Colorful Website Design

The color combinations and geometric triangles are repeated throughout the site, reinforcing the four elements and furthering the brand identity within the collection. 

Lois Jeans Spring Summer 2015 Colorful Website Design

The site is organized inside an asymmetrical parallax grid, with images and videos shown in rectangles, squares, and triangles. The images appear to be at about 90% opacity until they are hovered over, but they open to reveal the full photograph when clicked on.

Lois Jeans Spring Summer 2015 Colorful Website Design

Videos display the clothes in a lifestyle setting. While the overall site is visually strong, it doesn't take away the difficulty of not being able to view pricing information and to make a purchase directly from the site -- the process of emailing the company your location so they can send information on the nearest retailer may turn users off.

Lois Jeans Spring Summer 2015 is a colorful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.