Made By Few Beautiful Homepage

Made By Few is an annual conference for web designers and digital engineers to gather and share their advancements and projects. Their site is meant to attract attendees, booth administrators, and showcase organizers to attend the conference. To this end, the site has been designed to merge the values of craftsmanship, creativity, and technology. This home page is emblematic of this design scheme, as it merges a sense of crafted-ness, imagination, and modernity. The font appears to be hand-drawn which evokes the idea of human craftsmanship.

Made By Few Creative Website Design

This illustrated slider just below the home page suddenly fills the black space with a pop of color and illustration. It takes the blankness and possibility of the home page and fills it with a bright image depicting the conference’s attendees. It sub-textually says that it’s the creators of web content that will fill our otherwise empty digital space with stunning design. That not only creates a dynamic user experience, but also communicates the values of the conference’s brand.

This is an example of how designers can communicate ideas through narrative editing and contrasting design. By following a relatively vacant page with a crowded and colorful slider, the designer is clearly trying to establish a thematic relationship between the two and communicate an idea. Using contrast to communicate ideas is a critical tool for every web designer to have at their disposal.

Made By Few Creative About Page

This “About” page depicts some of the conference’s premiere speakers. To do so, the designer has created personalized graphic illustrations of the speakers and framed them within clickable icons. This continues the dual motif of crafted-ness and technologism present across the rest of the site. By taking the time to imbue every page with the same aesthetic consistency, the designer has created a specific user experience that evokes Made By Few’s intended brand. In every way, this site speaks to the creativity and technological wizardry that will be on display at the conference.

Made By Few is a creative website design in the Technology industry.